A full-service post production studio


Dreamdust provides world-class VFX talent, creativity and expertise; all the ingredients needed to make real post production magic.
We love what we do and what we do is quality post-production.
With a dedicated team of over 20 professionals, we strive to follow innovations, break new grounds in the sphere of visual effects and always stay on top of the game, while also supporting new talent and creating future experts.
One of our biggest incentives is simply a job well done.


After close to three decades in the VFX industry, doing what we love most never felt so inspiring. To this day, we feel like kids in a candy store every time a new, exciting project comes our way.  
This is where true passion and experience meet to make unforgettable results.


We are proficient in the process of nurturing quality communication with our partners, agencies and clients.  At Dreamdust, we know that understanding the exact needs of our clients makes every and any task pleasant, efficient and successful.  


Always making sure all the deadlines are met is one of our biggest priorities. A deal is a deal, and we don’t like to keep our clients waiting.

at your side each step of the way


Providing you our guiding hand and expertise even before the production has started.


You deserve to feel confident in a successful end result during filming. That’s why we offer you supervision on set.


Now that the filming is done, leave the rest to our talented team.

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